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A Cochlear implant is a surgically implanted electronic device that provides a sense of sound to a person with severe sensor neural hearing loss in both ears. This device works pass the normal hearing process.
There are a great number of people suffering from hearing loss, and this device is an answer in right here on this site for the masses.
The success rate of a cochlear implant and the best results were found among children who received the implant at age 0-3 years. They not only achieved hearing but also language improvement on a percentage of 90-95%. A percentage of 80-90% develops equal speech to children with normal hearing.
The best age to get a cochlear implant been approved by FDA since year 2000 is children beginning at 12 months of age. And for young children who are severely hard-of-hearing , this implant aids to exposes them to sounds and over a certain period to language and speech skills development.
Taking off a cochlear implant can be decided by the audiologist of the implantation. Technically the internal processor is placed underneath the skin, thus its waterproof. The external processor is not waterproof and can be removed (similar to a hearing aid).
Cochlear implants are deemed as solution for children and adults with profound hearing loss but the implants do not cure hearing loss (deafness), but they provide an opportunity for the damaged inner ear to perceive the sensation of sound.
Side effects are always attached to every risks which could result the implants to cause a nerve injury that changes sense of taste, nerve damages causing weakness in the face, balance problem, tinnitus (ringing in ears) and leaks of fluid around the brain……. the implants should definitely be carried out by an expert.

A confident lady


confidence is all about being positive, bold, vibrant concerning what you can do and eager to know what you can’t do. A confident lady is open to learning because she knows that her confidence allows her to walk through some life challenges,she is eager to know what is on the other side, she believes in herself, she believes every unknown has a special lesson , she feels safe, loved, valuable, cared for and safe in God’s hand. she doesn’t concentrate on her weakness she develop and maximise her ability though she fails but failure to her is inevitable in success (heb 10:35-36) she answers her call of purpose in time by trying until she finds success to fulfill purpose.


1 A confident lady is rest assured that the love of the Lord is her strength. Love is the healing balm everyone needs and God offers it freely his love is unconditional and unmerited.

2 she discovers her hidden virtue which make her answer her call of purpose in time, she devote her time in building what she gets delighted into fulfilling her purpose on earth.

3. she is positive being: positive is much more fun and fruitful, confidence and negativity can’t mix together being positive or negative is a choice being negative will only attract disappointment and rejection. God is positive that is the way he is and positivity is reality and that’s why he encourages us to be like him (rom 8:28 ).

4. A confident lady avoids comparison, comparisons attract depression and a confident lady is always cheerful and happy, though no matter how good looking, talented or successful We are, there is someone who is better than us. confidence is just doing your best without being intimidated by anyone life style God does not make mistake in the way he has created you, you are just the best of your kind a rare gem that’s who you are, your appearance is God’s image you look exactly like God your creator.

5. A confident lady never lives in fear she refuse to be intimidated or perplex by people’s reaction (1 Tim 1:7) God has not given us the spirit of fear . fear is a tool of the devil to deprive you of your right.

6. A confident lady doesn’t live in the world of ” how I wish” or “what if” she does not spend her life in becoming what she don’t intend, she doesn’t feel empty and unfulfilled because she spent her life on fulfilling purpose. The resource she has is more than enough to be successful for her. Don’t live in the world of “if only I had more education” or ” how I wish I had more time” “if only I had more money”. use what you have to fulfill your given purpose in life.

Lastly no one is born confidential but with the help of God and holy spirit as a lady (a vessel unto honour) you be confident, out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speak you feel empty when you think on things that will hinder your success or thinking on why God created you black . Think more on the love of God which can take you to places be hunger, desperate and thirsty for more of God. The only thing which can hinder you from God is your sin, don’t remain in your sin the grace is still there (rom 6:1).

I believe in God
Be a confident lady